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About Us

Climate change is very alarming and the only way to address it is to think smarter, that's why Greencabb EV rentals was born!

Our portfolio is design to lead the green mobility that is cheaper and more social responsible means transportation for all. We aim to increase numbers of EV fleets on the road specially in the Metropolis where high volume of air pollution concentrates and bad effects on public health is inevitable.

Greencabb will ensure cheaper means of mobility by harnessing renewable energies powering up all our EV fleets. Great income awaits for all EV owners who would like to join in our green mobility campaign as well as passing value savings to all passengers who will avail our rental service.

Our vision is pursue growth in the next couple of years and be the pioneer of the so called Paradigm Shift in green mobility. As we grow, we will try to influence fast charging stations infrastructure nationwide through partnership with technology companies.

Our challenge to society is to participate in reducing the carbon emmission brought by traditional internal combustion engines and support our efforts for cleaner environment that will benefit our next generations. Company like us will never stop thinking what is good for our society and we will be successful only if the public will start the radical change of how the mobilize from day to day basis. We encourage everyone to be Urban Heroes of our time and join us keeping our world still a safe place to live.

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